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Duccio Rocchini

ducciorocchini[at], duccio.rocchini[at]

I am a permanent researcher in the Markus Neteler's GIS & RS group.

I am devoted to all aspects of Geographical Modelling and Spatial Ecology.

Here is our philosophy:

Rocchini, D., Neteler, M. (2012). Let the four freedoms paradigm apply to ecology. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 27: 310–311. (IF: 15.353) [PDF| Full text]

My main research interests:

  • Ecological Informatics
  • Ecological heterogeneity and biodiversity estimate by satellite imagery
  • Free and Open Source Software for spatial ecology
  • Statistical analysis of spatial and ecological data
  • Herewith find my complete CV.

 Main ongoing projects:

 Editorial Activity

I am currently Editor of the following journals

  • Senior Editor. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation, Wiley
  • Academic Editor, PLOS ONE [IF: 3.534]
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Vegetation Science, Wiley [IF: 3.372]
  • Associate Editor, Applied Vegetation Science, Wiley [IF: 2.416]
  • International Editorial Advisory Board Member, Progress in Physical Geography, SAGE [IF: 3.885]
  • International Editorial Advisory Board Member, Remote Sensing, MDPI [IF: 2.632]
  • Guest Editor, Special Issue on “Ecological Status and Change”, Remote Sensing, MDPI [IF: 2.632]
  • Guest Editor, Special Issue on "Geospatial Monitoring and Modelling of Environmental Change", ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, official open access journal of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

and Referee of:

Global Ecology and Biogeograghy, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, Conservation Biology, Ecography, Journal of Biogeography, Diversity and Distribution, Remote Sensing of Environment, Environmental Modelling and Software, Environmental Pollution, Ecosystems, Ecography, Landscape Ecology, Biogeosciences, Biological Conservation, Journal of Vegetation Science, Landscape and Urban Planning, Biodiversity and Conservation, Ecological Modelling, Acta Oecologica, Plant Ecology, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, Journal of Environmental Management, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing letters, Applied Vegetation Science, Ecological Informatics, Environmetrics, International Journal of Remote Sensing, Journal of Earth System Science, Community Ecology,
Plant Biosystems, Wetlands Ecology and Management,
Book reviewer, Isprs Highlights
Book reviewer, Ecoscience
Book reviewer, The Photogrammetric Record

My pubs:

See book chapters here:

Here is the list of peer-reviewed papers appeared in international journals

- in press -

  1. Rocchini, D., Andreo, V., Förster, M., Garzon-Lopez, C.X., Gutierrez, A.P., Gillespie ,T.W., Hauffe, H.C., He, K.S., Kleinschmit, B., Mairota, P., Marcantonio, M., Metz, M., Nagendra, H., Pareeth, S., Ponti, L., Ricotta, C., Rizzoli, A., Schaab, G., Zebisch, M., Zorer, R., Neteler, M. (2015). Potential of remote sensing to predict species invasions - a modeling perspective. Progress in Physical Geography [IF: 3.885] [DOI | PDF]
  2. Pettorelli, N., Nagendra, H., Williams, R., Rocchini, D., Fleishman, E. (2015). A new platform to support research at the interface of remote sensing, ecology and conservation. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation. [PDF]
  3. Foggi, B., Lastrucci, L., Geri, F., Rocchini, D. (in press). Recent landscape changes on a small mediterranean island. Landscape Research.

- 2015 -

  1. Rocchini, D., Hernández Stefanoni, J.L., He, K.S: (2015). Advancing species diversity estimate by remotely sensed proxies: a conceptual review. Ecological Informatics, 25: 22-28. [IF: 1.980] [DOI | PDF | code]
  2. Marcantonio, M., Pareeth, S., Rocchini, D., Metz, M., Garzon-Lopez, C.X., Neteler, M. (2015).
    The integration of Artificial Night-Time Lights in landscape ecology: a remote sensing approach.
    Ecological Complexity, 22: 109-120. [IF: 2.000] [DOI | PDF]
  3. Barelli, C., Mundry, R., Araldi, A., Hodges, K., Rocchini, D., Rovero, F. (2015). Modelling primate abundance in complex landscapes: a case study from the Udzungwa mountains of Tanzania. International Journal of Primatology, 36: 209-226. [IF: 1.994] [DOI | PDF]
  4. Amici, V., Rocchini, D., Filibeck, G., Bacaro, G., Santi, E., Geri, F., Landi, S., Scoppola, A., Chiarucci, A. (2015).  Landscape structure effects on forest plant diversity: exploring the role of spatial extent. Ecological Complexity, 21: 44-52. [IF: 2.000] [DOI | PDF]


- 2014 -

  1. Wegmann, M., Santini, L., Leutner, B., Safi, K., Rocchini, D., Bevanda, M., Latifi, H., Dech, S., Rondinini, C. (2014). Role of African protected areas in maintaining connectivity for large mammals. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences, 369: 20130193. [DOI | PDF] [IF: 6.314]
  2. Rocchini, D. (2014) Fuzzy species distribution models: a way to represent plant communities spatially. Journal of Vegetation Science: 25: 317-318. [DOI | PDF] [IF: 3.372]
  3. Ferretti, M., Bussotti, F., Cristofolini, F., Cristofori, A., Gottardini, E., Rocchini, D., Finco, A.,
    Marzuoli, R., Gerosa, G. (2014). Some remarks on “New functions for estimating AOT40
    from ozone passive sampling” by De Marco et al. (2014) Atmospheric Environment, 98: 707-710. [IF: 3.062]
  4. Marcantonio, M., Rocchini, D., Ottaviani, G. (2014). Impact of alien species on dune systems: a multifaceted approach. Biodiversity and Conservation, 23: 2645-2668. [DOI | PDF] [IF: 2.065]
  5. Metz, M., Rocchini, D., Neteler, M. (2014). Surface temperatures at the continental scale: tracking changes with remote sensing at unprecedented detail. Remote Sensing, 6(5): 3822-3840.[DOI | HTML | PDF] [IF: 2.623] - Data download:
  6. Amici, V., Geri, F., Bonini, I., Rocchini, D. (2014). Ecological niche modelling with herbarium data:a framework to improve NATURA 2000 habitat monitoring. Applied Ecology and Environmental Research, 12: 645-659. [PDF] [IF: 0.456]
  7. Rocchini, D., Dadalt, L., Delucchi, L., Neteler, M., Palmer, M.W. (2014). Disentangling the role of remotely sensed spectral heterogeneity as a proxy for North American plant species richness. Community Ecology, 15: 27-43. [DOI | PDF] [IF:1.200]
  8. Rocchini, D. Introduction to the Special Issue: Geospatial Monitoring and Modelling of Environmental Change. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 3: 206-208.
  9. Andreo, V., Neteler, M., Rocchini, D., Provensal, C., Levis, S., Porcasi, X., Rizzoli, A., Lanfri, M., Scavuzzo, M., Pini, N., Enria, D., Polop, J (2014). Estimating Hantavirus risk in southern Argentina: A GIS-based approach combining host and human cases distribution. Viruses, 6: 201-222. [DOI | PDF] [IF: 3.279]


 - 2013 -

  1. Neteler, M., Metz, M., Rocchini, D., Rizzoli, A., Flacio, E., Engeler, L., Guidi, V., Lüthy, P., Tonolla, M. (2013): Is Switzerland suitable for the invasion of Aedes albopictus? PLoS ONE 8: e82090. [DOI | PDF] [IF: 3.534]
  2. Rocchini, D., Delucchi, L., Bacaro, G., Cavallini, P., Feilhauer, H., Foody, G.M., He, K.S., Nagendra, H., Porta, C., Ricotta, C., Schmidtlein, S., Spano, L.D., Wegmann, M., Neteler, M. (2013). Calculating landscape diversity with information-theory based indices: A GRASS GIS solution. Ecological Informatics, 17: 82-93. [DOI | PDF] [IF: 1.980]
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  5. Marcantonio, M., Rocchini, D., Geri, F., Bacaro, G., Amici, V. (2013). Biodiversity, roads, & landscape fragmentation: two Mediterranean cases. Applied Geography, 42: 63-72. (IF: 2.650) [DOI | PDF]
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- 2012 -

  1. Rocchini, D., Neteler, M. (2012). Let the four freedoms paradigm apply to ecology. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 27: 310-311. 8. [DOI | PDF | Full text] (IF: 15.353)
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- 2011 -

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- 2010 -

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- 2009 -

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- 2008 -

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- 2007 -

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- 2006 -

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- 2005 -

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- 2004 -

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- 2003 -

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- 2001 -

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