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Luca Delucchi

Homepage of Luca Delucchi (GIS technician)

more info @ my private homepage (click on the flag)  

I graduated in Geography applied to the environment, landscape and tourism from University of Genoa (Italy) in 2008. During the first year of my studies I approached GIS software and I viewed them as my future job! Then I started playing with Free and Open Source GIS software, especially with GRASS GIS.


I believe in free data and software and I am involved in various projects related to free Geographic Information System.
I'm contribute to OpenStreetMap. It “creates and provides free geographic data such as street maps to anyone who wants them.” You can find more info about my activity on the project in Italian or in English, you can also see my edit. In 2012 I have been one of the coordinators of M(')appare Genova events.
I collaborate with several Free and Open Source projects:
  • GRASS GIS: I started to contribute to GRASS GIS with the translation of the graphical user interface, in the last years I became a core developers.
  • QGIS: I developed a plugin, OGR2Layers, which creates a web page with OpenLayers library and the vector loaded in the QGIS canvas
  • pyModis: it's a “Free and Open Source Python library to automatically download MODIS data from the NASA ftp site and work with them”

You can find all my ideas on my GitHub personal page and my coding stats on Ohloh

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